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Blend-Bottle™ Your Blender Power on the Go

✅ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Blend-Bottle™ Your Blender Power on the Go

✅ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Blend-Bottle™ Your Blender Power on the Go

Image the freedom of being able to go anywhere and effortlessly prepare healthy smoothies, snacks, and meal replacements;

It is a blessing for your nutrition. ALL WITHOUT THE LIMITATIONS OF A REGULAR BLENDER!

🍉 Style-Premium Blending with a single touch
So now, this portable Blend-Bottle™ is your best choice! Just simply press the button on our Blend-Bottle™ with a travel lid will produce the consistency and taste of your choice in a variety of smoothies, shakes, dressings, small-batch salsas, and other dishes at your convenience.

🍓Blades of four leaves
Upgraded 4 blades with increased power, which is more potent than the standard 2 pcs portable blender. Super powerful for ice cubes and frozen fruits, more blending times per charge, and the ability to blend while charging.

🥝 Your healthy food is ready any time
There is no need to install any plug-ins! This travel juicer blender has a built-in 1400mAh rechargeable battery that can be easily magnetically charged by any power device with a USB port, such as an adaptor, power bank, computer, or other similar devices. The juicer can squeeze up to 15 cups of juice on a full charge.

🍇Water-resistant & Easy Cleaning
The magnetic charging port is water-proof to prevent any damage from liquid getting inside. Simply pour some water into the personal blender and double-click the button to activate the automatic self-cleaning feature, which will clean the cups and lids.
Double-check to see that the silver sticker is centered on the power button. Utilizing the self-cleaning procedure provides a comfortable and convenient juicing experience while saving you time. 

It's extremely easy to handle!
Enjoy a fresh smoothie wherever and whenever you want!

Capacity:  350ml