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[Promo 30%] Halloween Horror Eye Doorbell

✅ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

[Promo 30%] Halloween Horror Eye Doorbell

✅ 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Greet & scare trick or treaters in a NEW style!

This Halloween Horror Eye Doorbell shows its horror eye once rang!

Gives off a really surprising creepy vibe!

  • Looks like your normal boring doorbell at first but don't get fooled!
  • This will give you a heart attack once you see it's creepy rotating eyeball!
  • The sound makes it scarier & even more creepy!

LASTS LONGER than your normal Halloween prank tools!

  • Very sturdy that it can even stand outdoor weather conditions!
  • Super high-quality plastic that can withstand daily usage!
  • Doorbell button is crisp & the mechanism is durable!
  • You can use it again & again every Halloween!


  • Not just for Halloween, but you can also use it every day to prank your friends!
  • Can scare even adults & teenagers!
  • Perfect for kids & adults alike!
  • Offers laughter & prank bonding time with anyone!


  • 100% battery-operated!
  • No electricity needed, just 3 pcs. AA batteries!
  • Safe from electric shock & water!
  • No need for any wire or electrical connection!

  • No installation or any tool needed before you can use it!
  • Simply hang it outside your gate & just press to function!

Scare your visitors on Halloween with this Halloween Horror Eye Doorbell!

Have a fun & exciting time. Make it yours NOW!!


Material: Plastic

Size: 19 cm x 15 cm

Weight: 252 g

Power Source: 3 pcs. AA Batteries (NOT included)

Package Inclusion/s: 1 pc. Halloween Horror Eye Doorbell