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SnackBot - Treat Dispenser Pet Toy

SnackBot - Treat Dispenser Pet Toy

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Endless hours of interactive fun for both cats and dogs.


Designed with a self-weight balance system, this toy moves back and forth on its own, without any external force required. This unique feature adds an extra element of excitement and surprise for your furry friends!


Suitable for small to medium-sized dogs and cats of all sizes, this interactive jigsaw puzzle toy helps raise their IQ levels and improve foraging coordination.

The toy is designed to challenge your pet's mind, allowing them to use their nose or paw to move the slider and enjoy their favorite treats

Swings back and forth and doesn't fall over, food leaks out through the fixed holes, adding to the fun and improving your puppy's IQ.

Healthy eating, food leaks out through the fixed size hole, you don't have to worry about your pet's health problems such as bloating due to eating too fast.

High quality material, safe and odourless, suitable for carpets, wooden boards, ceramics and other floor materials.

Our pet toy is more than just a fun playmate - it is also an essential tool for promoting your pet's active and healthy slow feeding habits

The toy is perfect for filling with your pet's favorite treats, which can be used to promote active and healthy eating, while protecting their gastrointestinal health.

This perfect pet playmate is a great way to boost your pet's enthusiasm for learning and help reduce disruptive behavior.

In lieu of boring rubber toys and chew sticks, this toy is designed to keep your dog more active and engaged. Pair treats and playtime to keep your furry friend happy, healthy, and entertained.

Get the SnackBot toy today and see your furry friend have a blast while improving their cognitive and physical abilities. 

Below are some User Tips for you

  1. This interact food toy for dogs only support kibbles less than 0.5inch/1,2cm. Larger kibbles may not get through the hole.
  2. Please only use dry treat. Wet treat doesn't work for this tumbler toy.
  3. When unboxing this food toy for dog and cat, please tear the fixing tape on the wheels.
  4. When open the barn on this dog stimulate toy, please press the barn lid with force and then slide. Otherwise you may find it hard to open the door.
  5. This behavior training dog toy can NOT be used as a dog bowl. It is only aimed at the dogs will have more fun eating and cultivate the behaviour to eating slowly. This toy will not hold many dog treat. You may need to add several times treat in a meal.


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